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Martin and Martin Brings Experience & Personal Attention

Martin & Martin, LLP is a Georgia law firm formed between daughter, Attorney Kimberly Martin, coming from working at a large international law firm representing employers nationwide in all areas of employment law, and father, Attorney Thomas Martin, former hospital executive with over 28 years of experience in running hospitals.

What makes Martin & Martin different is that our Atlanta overtime lawyers apply our experience and personal attention to all of our cases to obtain the greatest reward for our clients rather than delegating our cases to paralegals and case managers. In other words, when we represent you, we aggressively fight for all of the damages that you deserve - not just a small portion of those damages - and it's our attorneys who are fighting for you - not non-lawyer assistants. Our attorneys have extensive legal and health care experience and have successfully represented clients throughout the country, including a nationwide age discrimination case discussed in the New York Times as well as a failure to pay all wages case involving over 600 hourly employees. Combining our experience with our personal attention to each case makes Martin & Martin the firm you want representing you.

Like no other law firm, when you call, we answer. You don't have to go through a receptionist, a paralegal, a secretary, or a case manager. Our Atlanta overtime attorneys also offer a "fast track" option for some of our wage & overtime cases and that means you get your recovery faster. See our FAST TRACK OVERTIME CLAIMS page for more information.

Failure to pay overtime wages, misclassification of employees,employment discrimination and retaliation. Employee rights are violated every single day by employers throughout Georgia and across the United States, but you don't have to take it. If it's not right, you have to fight!

To learn more about the practice areas we handle, see our Overtime and Minimum Wage Law Overview, Employment Litigation Overview and Health Care Litigation Section and then contact our Atlanta overtime attorneys at (404) 831-8721 or via e-mail.

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