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Picture of Kimberly Martin Kimberly N. Martin

Kimberly is an Atlanta trial attorney who graduated from the University of Florida College of Law with Honors. She has a background of working at several large international and national law firms where she gained extensive experience representing employers in all areas of employment and wage & hour laws. For over the past 15 years, Kimberly has devoted her practice to representing employees and a select number of employers in employment and wage & hour matters with a particular emphasis in overtime and unpaid wage cases, disability discrimination accommodations, sexual harassment, and FMLA violations.

In 2016, Kimberly obtained the second largest verdict in a sexual harassment and retaliation case of the year in Georgia and in 2023 was name a Top 100 Civil Lawyer in Georgia.

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Picture of Tom Martin Tom Martin

Tom is a former United States Naval Academy basketball player who served in Vietnam before obtaining his MBA and having a very successful 28 year health care career as a senior executive of several hospital corporations providing him with a wealth of experience in a wide variety of management and senior administrative and executive roles where he was known as the "fixer" in quickly turning around poorly performing hospitals. Upon retirement, Tom graduated from law school. For over the past 15 years, Tom has devoted his legal practice to representing employees in all areas of employment and wage & hour matters.

He also devotes a portion of his practice to representing a select number of employers in employment, wage & hour, contracts, and busines matters, including serving as "in-house" counsel to small businesses.

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