Thank you for your kindness and the tremendous effort you continued to exert on my behalf. I am humbled and grateful you stuck by me through it all. Appreciate you so very much!
- M. Brown

Kimberly Martin was a life saver for me in my case from day one. My case was with a former employer and when I explained what was going on, she informed me that I had nothing to worry about. She was very compassionate, understanding and professional. She was very informative each step of the way. She explained what was going on and what my options were regarding my case. And everything she told me would happened came to fruition. I would 100% refer Martin & Martin to anyone needing any legal help.
- D. Hopkins

Someone who fights for you! Hands down one of the better decisions I have made. Tom came out fighting and didn't back down. Secured the victory but also took the time to let me know what to expect and when to expect it. I would highly recommend this Law firm. You will be glad you did.
- Scott T.

Kimberly is an amazing lawyer. She keeps you completely and totally informed of all proceedings. Kimberly is hard working, diligent and keeps her client informed and up date on the progress of all proceedings. She makes sure that you are a part of every decision and is very realistic as to the outcome. I won’t use anyone else ever again! She is that good.
- Debbie B.

Thomas Martin, the lawyer who had lived an extraordinary life, had once again imparted his wisdom on a lost soul. Through his deep understanding of the human condition, Thomas continued to inspire and guide those around him, proving that even in the darkest of times, a beacon of light and hope could always be found.
- Jack K.

Great Legal Representation. Kimberly Martin is an amazing attorney with lots of knowledge and experience. Her expertise in law allowed a satisfactory result with my case. She was very caring while also being very strong in her demeanor when responding to the opposing counsel. Kimberly is very knowledgeable and upheld the law while putting me as her client first. She never wavered in her approach to win my case. I would definitely recommend Kimberly N. Martin for any legal concerns.
- Susan B.

Working with Tom Martin was a wonderful experience. He took his time explaining how all of it would work, what to expect and the general time line. I feel he worked hard on my case to secure a victory. He would be my first and only choice if I ever need an employment lawyer again.
- S. Taylor

No ego, no pretense, just a great lawyer working for her clients. No ego, no pretense, just a great lawyer who wants to help her clients! Kimberly helped me review an employment contract and she was quick to highlight the sections that weren't 'employee friendly and then explain to me, in simply English, why I should question my employer. Kimberly then got on a call (easy to schedule time with her) with the company's legal counsel and we had an easy, open conversation about the contract, the language and the intent. When I ultimately signed the contact, I did so knowing my best interests were represented.
- Douglas L.