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Are you a tipped employee who contributes to a "tip pool" who has questions about how the tips are being distributed? If you feel like your employer is taking advantage of you, it is in your best interest to talk to a skilled attorney about your situation. At Martin & Martin, LLP, we fight aggressively to protect the rights of tipped employees in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and the United States.

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Is Your Employer Abusing the Tip Pool System?

Employers can require their wait staff and other employees to be part of a tip pool. However, the employees in the pool must be employees who customarily and regularly receive tips. Tipped employees may not be required to share their tips with employees who have not customarily and regularly participated in tip pooling arrangements. Sometimes employers will illegally include employees in tip pools to avoid paying the proper minimum wage.

The attorneys at Martin & Martin regularly handle tip pool cases. These cases typically include: restaurants that illegally allow a manager or other non-tipped employee to participate in the tip pool or restaurants who deduct money from the tip pool before distributing the tips. This is illegal and you would be entitled to not only damages for every hour you worked but also "double damages" which are extra damages that the court awards.

If It's Not Right, You Have to Fight!

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you are owed thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from your employer. For a free initial consultation with a skilled employment litigation lawyer, contact us today at (404) 831-8721 to speak to an attorney within minutes. At Martin & Martin, you don't have to speak to a receptionist, secretary, case manager or paralegal before you are allowed to speak with an attorney. You call. You speak with a lawyer. 24/7.

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