Wage & Hour Law Overview

For a combined over 30 years, the Atlanta overtime attorneys at Martin & Martin have successfully represented employees, including improperly classified independent contractors, in overtime cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). One of Martin & Martin’s first cases was an FLSA collective action on behalf of hundreds of temp construction workers who were forced to wait, unpaid, until the job started. Attorneys Kimberly Martin and Tom Martin successfully fought for those workers and have successfully fought for hundreds of other unpaid overtime workers since.

Passionate Atlanta Overtime Attorneys with Unparalleled Experience

The FLSA is a complex, technical law which requires knowledgeable and experienced overtime attorneys. Not only have Atlanta overtime attorneys, Kimberly Martin and Tom Martin, successfully resolved hundreds of cases on behalf of employees, but they come from unique backgrounds. Kimberly co-founded Martin & Martin in 2007 after five years at large international and national law firms representing employers in overtime cases involving single plaintiff cases as well multi-plaintiff cases with some involving hundreds of plaintiffs across the country. Likewise, Tom co-founded their Atlanta overtime law firm after 28 years of corporate senior executive management experience including due diligence to ensure his company was not open to liability under federal laws like the FLSA. Years of representing and defending employers provides Atlanta overtime attorneys, Kimberly and Tom, with a unique perspective in fighting on behalf of employees.

Unpaid wage attorneys, Tom Martin and Kimberly Martin, stand by the conviction that they do not run a “litigation mill” handling hundreds of cases at the same time with the hope of winning a few. They handle a few cases at a time with the hope of winning them all. While, of course, they cannot guarantee a win in every case, they can guarantee the best fought attorney representation that they can provide as overtime attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia.

Representing employees against employers who purposefully violate federal wage & hour laws, experienced litigators, overtime attorneys in Atlanta at Martin & Martin truly believe that if it is not right, you have to fight. On a daily basis, they are warriors for their clients who have been illegally denied their proper overtime pay pursuant to the federal FLSA.

Martin & Martin regularly represents workers who are illegally classified as independent contractors rather than employees. They regularly represent hourly workers who are only paid straight time for overtime hours rather than time and a half. They represent salaried employees who are misclassified by their employer as exempt from overtime. They represent workers who have automatic lunch, meal, and rest breaks deducted from their time records when they were not provided uninterrupted breaks free from work. And, they have been nicknamed “the Buckhead Tip Pool Lawyers” due to their successful representation of many tipped employees against various restaurants throughout Buckhead.

Overtime attorneys in Atlanta at Martin & Martin offer free consultations and can usually provide same day responses to any wage & hour questions through the Contact Us page or telephone (404) 831-8721.

For more information on specific areas of the FLSA, please see the following pages. You can also get more information about overtime on the law firm’s Overtime Blog.