Fast Track Overtime Claims

Fast Track Overtime Claims in AtlantaMartin & Martin's Fast Track Wage & Overtime Claims: Handling Wage & Overtime Claims Like No Other Law Firms

In this economy, it is important to resolve overtime claims quickly so people can get their checks and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, most employment law firms run their practice like a factory and take a number of months, sometimes more than a year, to litigate these claims. When you call these firms you don't even get to talk to a lawyer. You talk to a receptionist, paralegal, or case manager. In fact, at a lot of these law firms you don't even meet your lawyer until months after your case has started.

Not at Martin & Martin! We do something other law firms don't — we put our wage and overtime claims on a "fast track."

Is your employer denying you wages or overtime pay? If it's not right, you have to fight! For a free initial consultation with a lawyer, please call us at (404) 831-8721 and speak with a lawyer within minutes.

Fast Track Timeline — Quick Returns on Overtime Claims
  • When you call one of our numbers, you speak directly with an attorney not a receptionist or paralegal.
  • If your case qualifies for our "fast track," we will schedule a meeting with you and our attorneys within 7 days of your initial phone call. At other firms you will only be allowed to meet with your case manager or investigator instead of an attorney. Not at Martin & Martin!
  • If at the meeting, Martin & Martin feels confident we can represent you, we will file a lawsuit against your employer within just 3 days*. At Martin & Martin, our lawyers draft the complaint. At other firms, the paralegal drafts the lawsuit or it is even just computer generated without any specifics of your particular situation! Not at Martin & Martin!
  • Martin & Martin will handle your case on a "contingency basis." This means you will not owe us any fees unless we successfully win your case in settlement or trial.
  • Within 25 days of filing the lawsuit against your employer, Martin & Martin will send your employer's lawyers a detailed settlement demand outlining the damages you are owed — including "double damages" which double the unpaid wages and overtime you are owed.
  • Within days of making this settlement demand to your employer's lawyers, Martin & Martin will work aggressively to obtain every penny owed to you in a quickly, timely manner.
Simple, Easy, Quick and Comfortable — Fast Track Overtime Claims in Atlanta, Georgia

Contacting a lawyer can be an intimidating process at other law firms but not here. Your call will not be screened. You can talk to an overtime law attorney right away. For a free initial consultation, call us at (404) 831-8721.

*This is dependent upon receiving an executed fee agreement with our firm.