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Atlanta Small to Mid-Sized Business Lawyers Business, Employment, and Wage & Hour Laws

Upon founding the boutique law firm, Martin & Martin, in Atlanta, Georgia, attorneys, Tom Martin and Kimberly Martin, started the firm’s small business laws practice with the basic principle in mind that small businesses deserve outstanding legal representation without having to pay outrageously high legal fees that accompany representation by large law firms. Atlanta small business lawyers, Tom Martin and Kimberly Martin, understand and respect the sacrifices that small business owners have made to create and run their businesses. Tom and Kimberly are proud to provide their clients with reasonable hourly rates, flat-fee rates, and monthly retainer fee agreements.

Atlanta small business lawyer Tom Martin has a background that is simply incomparable to other Georgia small business laws attorneys. Upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy, Tom served in Vietnam on river patrol boats (PRBs) on the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. After active duty, Tom began a very successful health care career as a senior corporate executive at several hospital corporations. Known as a “fixer,” Tom was employed to take over hospitals that were struggling and turn them around to make them highly profitable. His 28 years of corporate executive experience includes a wide variety of management roles including start-ups, takeovers, and turnarounds, as well as employment and wage and hour laws.

Small business lawyer in Atlanta, Kimberly Martin, came to Martin & Martin after five years at large international and national law firms representing employers in all aspects of employment law including, overtime, FLSA misclassification of exempt status, discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, non-competes and restrictive covenants. She worked daily with corporate vice presidents and in-house general and associate counsel providing day-to-day advice and litigation defense. Representing large employers throughout the country, Kimberly gained unique and invaluable experience.

Together Atlanta small business lawyers, Tom Martin and Kimberly Martin, represent small businesses in a myriad of business, employment, and wage & hour law matters including:

Restrictive Covenants/Confidential Information/Trade Secrets
Arbitration Agreements
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Joint Employer Agreements & Determinations for Liability
Severance Agreements

Company Employment and Wage & Hour Policies
Company Handbooks
Employment Law Practice Guides
FLSA Wage & Hour Practice Guides
Employment and Wage & Hour Training
Georgia In-House Counsel

Compliance with State and Federal Employment Laws
Discrimination/Retaliation Investigations
Sexual Harassment Investigations
Wrongful Termination/Constructive Discharge
Reasonable Accommodations/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance/Violations
Personnel Decision Determinations

Proper Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classifications;
Job Descriptions/FLSA Job Audits;
Independent Contractor/Employee Classifications;
Minimum Wage Violations;
Overtime Wage Violations;

Representation at the EEOC
Representation at the DOL
Representation at Mediation
Representation at Arbitration
Representation in State and Federal Courts

As small business attorneys in Atlanta, Tom and Kimberly are dedicated to ensuring that their small business clients understand the relevant laws that apply to their businesses and providing them with not only sound legal advice and counsel, but a real-world gameplan to protect their small business clients from financial devastation that can occur when an alleged legal violation is asserted. They are dedicated to offering their clients very reasonable hourly rates and monthly retainer fee agreements that provide their clients access to them any time a legal issue arises or just when a small business client simply wants to “talk through” a termination or employment decision. They handle both transactional and litigation matters as well as act as “in house” counsel for day-to-day issues.

Recently, Martin & Martin, in an effort to ensure that their Georgia small business clients are fully protected, founded their Georgia In-House Counsel division where they offer sample employment and wage & hour law policies, practice guides, and training on a myriad of employment and wage & hour law topics so Georgia small businesses can feel confident that all owners, management, human resources, and supervisory personnel are making the right decisions. Each training course comes with a written summary and reference guide of the legal topic as well as sample documents, agreements, policies, etc.

Georgia small business laws attorneys, Tom Martin and Kimberly Martin, understand that one mistake can cost small business owners their entire business. And, they understand that small business owners may try to resolve a legal matter themselves thinking they cannot afford experienced legal counsel. However, Tom and Kimberly work with their clients to prevent potential legal issues and represent them if one arises all while charging reasonably hourly rates and monthly retainer fee agreements. They also proactively contact their small business clients to keep them updated on relevant statutes, emerging law, and newly released court opinions that could impact their business practices as well as send out a quarterly newsletter containing relevant timely legal information. They are passionate about ensuring that their clients are protected from legal claims and are fierce litigators when a claim is made against their small business clients.

If you are a small business that is looking for experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorneys with decades of business and legal experience, Tom and Kimberly welcome you to contact them directly. They look forward to hearing from you. If you would like a free copy of Martin & Martin’s Quick Reference Guide to Federal & State Employment and Wage & Hour Laws, contact Kimberly.

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