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Has your employer failed to pay you what you deserve? If it's not right, you have to fight! At Martin & Martin, LLP, our experienced lawyers are ready to fight for the rights of employees in overtime and minimum wage law cases.

Is your employer denying you minimum wage or overtime pay? If it's not right, you have to fight! For a free initial consultation with a lawyer, please call us at (404) 831-8721.

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Our attorneys represent all types of employees:

Fast-Track Overtime Claims — Simple, Easy, Quick and Comfortable

At Martin & Martin, LLP, we believe that our clients should not have to wait months or even more than a year to have their minimum wage or overtime claim resolved. Like no other law firm in Atlanta, we offer Fast-track overtime and wage claims services. When you call us at (404) 831-8721, you will be speaking to an attorney within minutes, well on your way to getting the result you deserve.

If It's Not Right, You Have to Fight!
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